Our Mission

At the Pensacola Pregnancy Options Clinic, we believe in compassionate, non-judgmental care. We support women by offering free pregnancy options counseling and ultrasounds for gestational aging. For those who have to travel to North Carolina for abortion services, we can provide the required initial visit.
We provide services for free to those who need it. We welcome your support to help us with this mission.

What We Offer

Pregnancy Options Counseling: We provide a safe space for women to explore their options, understand their choices, and receive the support they need.

Free Ultrasounds: Our ultrasounds determine gestational age. This is essential for making informed decisions about pregnancy.

Initial Consult Visits: We offer the first consultation visit required by North Carolina abortion clinics. This helps streamline the process for women seeking these services.

Why We Need Your Help

We provide the building and equipment. However, maintaining a dedicated and professional staff is costly. Your donations directly support our ability to offer these essential services for free. Every contribution helps ensure that women in our community have access to the care and information they need.

Get Involved

Your support can make a real difference. Whether you donate funds, volunteer your time, or spread the word about our services, we welcome and appreciate your involvement.

Phone: (850) 466-8998
Email: [email protected]

Thank you for your generosity and support.