Steps to Get an Abortion

If you have decided to get an abortion, there are a few steps you must follow. Clinics are overwhelmed and you will need to find a place to go that has the ability to see you. Follow the outline below. We know who has availability, call us if you need help.

1) Find out How far you are

How far along you are in your pregnancy determines where you can get an abortion. Some states require two visits up to 72 hours apart. Use the map below to see where you can get an abortion. If you do not know how far you are, you can use this form to get an estimate or contact us and we can tell you.

Enter the first day of your last period

2) Book your first appointment

If you are going to a state that needs two appointments, schedule your first visit. North Carolina is the closest to Pensacola. We can perform the first visit, so you only need to travel once. We can also help you get financial aid.

3) Book your AB appointment

Many clinics are overwhelmed. You will need to find a clinic that has space for you, or be prepared to wait several weeks to be seen. We can help you find a clinic that has availability.